Pastor Allen Nolan Sermons at Cornerstone Fellowship Podcast

Over 570 sermons from Allen to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Learn about the Bible and Christian faith with Pastor Allen Nolan, with helpful and encouraging application for your life. Pastor Allen Nolan is the Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Fellowship, a teaching ministry all about helping Christians understand the Bible, and their Christian faith in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. To learn more, or to help us in spreading the good news about Jesus Christ, follow the podcast and leave a review!

Here's what people are saying:

I believe God brought Cornerstone's YouTube channel to me. I have NEVER felt so fed. I have been on breast milk by way of church for decades! I see my Bible in a whole new light. I understand the Bible better now. Pastor Nolan explains every little bit of detail and its importance.
-Melissa Meyer, Google Review

I thank God that he brought Pastor Allen in my life. I prayed for more understanding of the bible and was blessed to find him on YouTube. I love his sermons and how he breaks it down, verse by verse. He has been truly blessed with the gift of teaching God's word. Unfortunately, I live in Florida or I would definitely attend his church. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your congregation. Amen
-Tina Lightsey-Davis, Google Review

Great sermons and insight from the pastor. He speaks the truth of God with passion. God Bless!
-Rob Brown, Facebook Review

Finally! A pastor, who not only teaches verse by verse scripture and it’s meanings, but interprets key words and phrases from the “original”Hebrew and Greek translations and their meanings to relate the best original explanation of God’s Word. This has truly helped me have a genuine understanding of several books and many passages of the Bible. Your passion and love of God, His Word and ministering to believers is evident. Thank you for being a blessing. Keep up the strong work!
-wqdsrzymreply, PodBean Review

Pastor Allen is amazing. I’ve been listening to him for about a month and can say he is truly anointed and knowledgeable. Thank you Pastor for your teaching of the Bible in such an interesting way. God bless you!
-_princessjazzmine, Apple Podcasts Review

Pastor Nolan is an excellent and careful reader of the scripture—digging past surface translations, traditions, and creeds to look for the meta-narrative of the story of God. I highly recommend his work along with that of Dr. Michael Heiser. Together, they are a 1:2 punch of God's goodness and love for your soul! -Larry Rix, Facebook Review

Alan is more of a teacher than preacher I’ve learned more about what is in gods word through his teachings than I ever did the first 40 years growing up in church listening to preachers ... it helps me when he breaks it down in the lingo of that day and what was meant and I take so much more from those kind of teachings.   Thanks to the studying of Allan Nolan I enjoy learning though cornerstone every week!
-Lori Rogers Brix, Facebook Review

I love listening to his Podcast Sermons or Teachings. He is one of my All Time Favorites and Main podcasts that I am subscribed to and that I truly enjoy listening to on Castbox.
-Arlena F., YouTube Comment