Meet Allen


Allen and Lisa Nolan were married in 1980 and have 2 daughters and sons-in-law: Micah and husband, Aaron, and Macee and husband, Brandon. Allen and Lisa are also Papa and Cece to two beautiful granddaughters, Isla and Belle.


Allen graduated from John Brown University with a degree in Biblical Languages and New Testament Greek. He completed his master's degree in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Allen and Lisa started Cornerstone Fellowship in their home with 12 people in 1987. Allen is a gifted teacher who is passionate about helping people know and understand God’s word. Allen is known for his in-depth book studies, doctrinal teachings, and eschatological studies.

Cornerstone Fellowship

Learn the history of the church founded by Allen & Lisa in 1987.


Launched in 2018, Pastor Allen Nolan's YouTube Channel now reaches hundreds of thousands of people all over the world every month, and has accumulated over 27 million views and 170,000 subscribers. Brady Shearer from named Cornerstone Fellowship with Pastor Allen Nolan the "fastest growing church on YouTube" in 2023 (watch Brady's video here). Tune in live with hundreds from around the world every Sunday for a livestream of Allen's sermons at 10:00am CST.